Thanks to our awesome beta senders, our initial Pensacola launch was all that we could have asked for.

In just over a month and a half, we were able to:

  • Deliver over 150 messages
  • Double our team size
  • Improve our training experience for both our birds and trainers
  • Have a lot of fun building our company

We're excited to report that we've successfully partnered with a bird sanctuary in the outskirts of Orlando, and we will now be able to deliver beta messages to all of Florida, Alabama, Southern Georgia, and Southern Mississippi.

We will also be increasing our beta sender by invite only. So if you were one of our first beta senders, you will be receiving an email within the next week allowing you to refer one person to Pigeon.

Thanks for everything guys, and we can't wait to open Pigeon up to the entire country in 2016!