Now I know what you're thinking... "what?"

How in the world could instant communication be a bad thing? We can convey any thoughts at any time with anyone at practically no cost. You don't need to convince me as to the power of modern communication employed by our civilization. But as it stands, isn't just this the problem? Think back to a simpler time, when mail was hand delivered to your door via Pony Express; that was a big deal. You hopped to, opened your mail quickly, and perused every inch of its contents. You didn't have junk mail, and almost everything was worth reading because it took someone's real time to write, produce, and deliver.

Fast forward to modern culture, where copious amounts of spam, junk-mail, advertisements of all sorts, and unedited musings from uninformed internet goers blast you at every turn. At this point, it's safer to assume time will simply be wasted in opening that letter or clicking on that email.

When we set out to lay a foundation for Pigeon, our mission was to bring back the excitement of receiving something meaningful, something you know took physical time and effort to place in your hands.

There's definitely a place for instantaneous 2-way communication, but what would you do if a custom message was flown to you from someone 100 miles away? You'd read it, and you'd remember it.